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What Do I Do When a Passing has Occurred?

Have you experienced
the passing of a loved one?

The Passing Occurs at Home and Your Loved One is Under Hospice Care.

The Passing Occurs at the Hospital, Hospice, Nursing Home, or Assisted Living Center.

The Passing Occurs and the Medical Examiner or County Coroner is Involved.

  • Transportation from the Place of Passing to Our Facility
  • Filing the Death Certificate and Necessary Permits with the Health Department
  • Cremation Container Required by Our Crematory
  • Climate Controlled Area for Your Loved One Before Cremation
  • Individual, Dignified Cremation
$639 (Plus State Fees and Temporary Urn Cost)

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Your online information is very good, giving costs as well as what is included. Very well done, easy to find, and very clear information.
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